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A priceless ticket to ride over the hills and dales of your imagination!

The skillful combination of a single guitar and solo flute creates music that is both intimate and grand that floats gently, following the land
and dances like a butterfly in the breeze.

This is Meadowlark - 
captivating, organic music that is as distinctive in sound as it is diverse in scope.
This intriguing husband and wife duo features Rick Cyge and Lynn Trombetta who create an uplifting, instrumental voyage inspired by the beauty of natural places. There is a wonderful chemistry between the pair and listeners are amazed to learn that the richly layered music that is their signature sound is created by only two musicians.
Original compositions showcase Cyge’s amazing range and deep musicality as both a composer and guitarist as the harp-like sound of his fingerstyle guitar technique intertwines with the pure, melodic tones of Trombetta’s flutes and Irish whistles.
Meadowlark's performance slips effortlessly from melodic tapestries to crisp and exciting
up-tempo offerings that catch the ear and command attention. Nightclub performances blend fresh arrangements of music by pop favorites such as Cat Stevens, Nora Jones, Van Morrison and more into the mix. 

This magical music may also be enjoyed as solo guitar or as an ensemble with
violin and/or world percussion. 

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